Agate Geode


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Agate Geode (Brazil)

Beautiful Agate Geode, being mostly composed of Agate,
this Geode exhibits a very fine Quartz Layer on the inside that is par Translucent,
exposing a natural hint of the inner Botryoidal shape and some very
peculiar Black inclusions that lie beneath the fine Quartz layer.

Inside the cavity, at the top left inner, there seems to be a fine layering in and on the Quartz of a dark grey mineral.



• Assists in speaking one’s own truth

• Leading to spiritual growth and inner stability

• Enhances mental function, concentration, perception and analytical abilities

Clear Quartz

• Attracts positive energy

• Repels negative energy

• Absorbs and transfers energy

• Strengthens the power of other stones / crystals

Additional information

Geode Height

Approx. 100mm

Geode Weight

Approx. 966g