Dream Catcher (XL) – Green


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Dream Catcher (XL) – Green

The Ancients believe, that if you hang a Dream Catcher above your bed at night, all your dream will go through it. The bad dreams get caught in the Dream Catcher and cannot escape it, whereas the good dream float down from the web and feathers and spread good thoughts over you. Every once in a while, you should take your Dream Catcher outside and shake all the bad dreams out.



Hang your dream catcher a bit away from any walls, to allow the dreams to pass through nicely.

You can also add wooden sticks, shells and crystals to your Dream Catcher to enhance it’s purpose 🙂

Additional information

Dimensions 32 × 32 cm
Main Colour

Green, Colours may vary slightly


Approx 32x32cm, Feathers hang low from loop