Merkaba Opal Pendant

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• Brings beauty, luck and power to the bearer

• Strengthen relationships, business & personal

• Stimulates creativity, inspiration and intuitive powers


The Star Tetrahedron a.k.a The Merkaba

This shape is the energetic and geometric representation of the human body, male and female, heaven and earth.

Merkaba is an Egyptian word, ‘Mer’ is translated into ‘Light’, ‘Ka’ refers to spirit, and ‘Ba’ refers to the body and physical self.

The Merkaba can be found in the Metatron’s Cube, the Star of David and is often recognised as one of the Platonic Shapes (Two Tetrahedrons, or two 3-sided pyramids overlapping each other symmetrically , with one pointing upwards and the other pointing downwards, to completely make a Star Tetrahedron).

** A single Tetrahedron is a 3-sided Pyramid . The base is a triangle and each face from the point to the base is a triangle.

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