California White Sage – Smudge Bundle (Small)


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California White Sage

• Sage has been used for centuries for a variety of purification purposes.
• Smudging with Sage is a common cleansing ceremony used to help people, places, or even objects get rid of negative energy or even bad attachments.


Sage Note

• While the Sage is burning, hold it over something heat resistant (like a sideplate / big seashell), so as to not let hot bits fall and possibly damage carpets / flooring.
• This small Sage Bundle is big enough to use for cleansing a small to medium size apartment / living space with up to 3 bedrooms.
• If the Sage is not finished after you’ve cleansed your spaces, keep the rest for cleansing yourself and / or any specific belongings, like your personal Crystals. Or use for cleansing a smaller specific space on another day.

Additional information

Bundle Diameter

Approx. 35mm

Bundle Length

Approx 100mm