Emperor’s 5 Coins Keyring


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Emperor’s 5 Coins Keyring

• Attracts Wealth Luck

• 5 Crystal beads


Emperor’s 5 Coins Keyring represents

• The 5 Coins invoke the five Emperors of the Universe for protection against danger and harm

• Attracts Wealth Luck

• The 5 Coins also signify the 5 Feng Shui elements: Fire, water, Earth, Wood and Metal, to bring balance and harmonious life

real Crystal beadds represent

Onyx – Black

• Activates one’s memory

• Centres and aligns one with higher powers

• Banishes grief, enhances self-control and wise decision making

Aventurine – Green

• Lessens anxiety and fear
• Amplifies leadership qualities
• Enhances tranquility and peace
• Purifies etheric, emotional and mental bodies

Carnelian – Orange / Red

• Emotional balance, eliminates confusion

• Happiness, Hope, Courage

• Reduces depression and brings positivity

• Greatly inspires creativity

Jade – Yellow / Lime Green

• Reduces negativity

• Calms, heals, purifies and comforts

• Beams courage, justice, Love and wisdom

• Increases ability of expression and flexibility

Rose Quartz – Pink

Known as the “Stone of Love”

• Heals hurt emotions
• Great for use in meditation
• Brings loving energies, calmness and serenity
• Turns the heart towards Love and bathes the body, mind and spirit in that healing frequency

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Approx 50mm excl string & key loop