Onyx Pendulum (Ball) Chakra Chain


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• Activates one’s memory
• Centres and aligns one with higher powers
• Banishes grief, enhances self-control and wise decision making



• Pendulum is a divination tool, it is used to help with energy healing, meditation and dowsing
• Helps channel inner intuition
• These tools help us channel our intuition, ask questions and heal
• Typical questions asked to a pendulum generally have a yes/no or maybe answer and fall predominatly into the following categories; Life, Love, Health, Career and Money, Help feel / sense general Positive or Negative energy
• Pendulums have a vast array of uses and respond to other crystals very well

The Chakra Crystals

• Facilitates the absorption of Life Force
• Energises the body and Soul
• Brings vitality and energy to one’s Life
• Chakra crystals help to balance, align and recharge your energies, here are a few points about each Chakra’s function.

Crown Chakra – Purple – Sahasrara

• Knowledge
• Self-realisation
• Spiritual fulfilment

Third Eye Chakra – Indigo – Ajna

• Intuition
• Imagination and visualisation
• Clairvoyance

Throat Chakra – Blue – Vishuddha

• Communication
• Expression
• Honesty & Purification

Heart Chakra – Green – Anahata

• Love
• Compassion & Kindness
• Peace

Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow – Manipura

• Strength & Power
• Self-esteem
• Ego

Sacral Chakra – Orange – Svadhisthana

• Creativity
• Sensuality & Pleasure
• Emotions

Root Chakra – Red – Muladhara

• Grounding
• Safety & Stability
• Comfort

Additional information

Pendulum Length

Approx. 38mm

Pendulum Diameter

Approx. 18mm