Amethyst / Ametrine Double Terminators


Amethyst / Ametrine Double Terminators

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Amethyst / Ametrine Double Terminators

Crystal Variants: Amethyst or Ametrine, Displays inclusion of Citrine in the Amethyst – Thus often also known as Ametrine, the natural cross between Amethyst and Citrine.



Inherits the energies of Amethyst and Citrine as well

• Connects intellect to spirituality
• Rids negative energy from the Aura
• Brings balance and harmony



• Provides for tranquility
• Conducts energy in meditation
• Bestows stability, strength and peace
• All-round healer, especially the head space
• Is the crystal of spirituality and contentment



• Wealth and Abundance stone
• Brings laughter and happiness
• Helps gain and sustain wealth
• Stimulates intuition, personal power, intelligence and self-love

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