Amethyst Harlequin Points


Amethyst Harlequin Points

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These Specific Harlequin Amethyst crystals come from Brazil.

These crystals sometimes display the unusual Elestial formation, causing empty gaps inside the crystal.

The Amethyst colour is usually at the top of the crystal only, but the Harlequin inclusions can be scattered throughout, and often follow a Phantom pattern of the crystal’s former size / shape.


Harlequin Quartz

• Has a “Dancing” energy
• Stimulates an energy energy on all levels
• Activates the will to make progress
• Traverse the gap between the spiritual and physical worlds


• Provides for tranquility
• Conducts energy in meditation
• Bestows stability, strength and peace
• All-round healer, especially the head space
• Is the crystal of spirituality and contentment

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